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We don't want to imply that you should have another reason to root for the Redskins this weekend other than Clinton Portis' weekly exploits, but in case you need one, try this: Last week, in the Bucs' win over the Saints, the Raymond James Stadium loudspeakers played The Scorpions' "Rock Me Like A Hurricane."

The Buccaneers brass insists it was an accident and that no offense was meant to the Saints, who, uh, are slightly familiar with hurricanes. It is not known if during Bears games they play Sufjan Stevens' "John Wayne Gacy," if during Redskins games they show footage of the burning Pentagon and if during Bills games, they just show old clips from O.J. Simpson movies.

The best part about this: The Bucs say the song is just part of their typical cheerleader routines. Hey, Tampa: Update the ole' playlist, OK?

Song Offends Some Bucs Fans [Tampa Bay 10]