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19-Year-Old Knicks Fan Threatens "Death To James Dolan" On Twitter

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A Knicks fan from Staten Island was arrested and charged with harassment after allegedly sending a series of insane and threatening tweets concerning Knicks owner James Dolan.

Presumably frustrated with his Knicks-basketball experience—which stretches back to the late-nineties/early aughts—19-year-old Johnny Giamella tweeted death threats along with pictures of himself holding a gun to the camera and a sharp object to his neck. The threatening tweets included the messages "James Dolan, it's officially time to die" and "[d]eath to James Dolan."

There's also this:

And in a bizarre photo, a naked Giamella is seen holding a gun over his penis, according to a criminal complaint.


A criminal complaint was filed against Giamella, whose father is a cop, when Dolan's security noticed the tweets and alerted the NYPD.

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