You know, it's a sad commentary that, in this day and age, a guy currently serving time in a Vietnamese prison for the statutory rape of 11 year old girls can't pump up the crowd at a football game. What's this world coming to?

The NFL has effectively banned stadiums from playing Gary Glitter's "Rock and Roll Part 2" after the Brit rocker was convicted of molesting underage girls in Vietnam, prompting a search for a substitute celebratory anthem. The Denver Broncos switched to Big Bad Voodoo Daddy's "Go Daddy-o"; Kansas City Chiefs fans voted for P.O.D.'s "Boom."

Well, considering most of Michael Jackson's oeuvre is probably out, might we suggest some good-hearted music by ... uh ... OK, we don't know any rock bands who haven't had sex with girls under 18. Wait: Boy George. Boy George has probably never had sex with a woman under the age of 18. Who's up for "Karma Chameleon," yeah!

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