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2002-03 Chicago Bulls, Ranked According To Likelihood The Player Was Getting Baked Before Games

"There were guys smoking weed before games," Jay Williams recalled of his rookie year with the Bulls, his only season in the league. "Guys asking in the middle of the game, 'Do you smell popcorn?'" Which guys, exactly, Williams does not specify. So here's a list of the 2002-03 Bulls, ranked from least likely to smoke up before games to most likely.

15. Jay Williams
14. Dalibor Bagaric
13. Rick Brunson
12. Tyson Chandler
11. Lonny Baxter
10. Roger Mason
9. Trenton Hassell
8. Jamal Crawford
7. Jalen Rose
6. Marcus Fizer
5. Corie Blount
4. Eddy Curry
3. Eddie Robinson
2. Donyell Marshall
1. Fred Hoiberg


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