2003 Profile On Sandusky's Work With Second Mile: "It's Like He Was Put On This Earth To Work With Kids."

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On November 14, 2003, Penn State's Collegian published an article about Jerry Sandusky's dedication to The Second Mile. In retrospect, the piece reveals just how tragically oblivious some of the volunteers and directors of the organization were about their founder at that time. We've compiled some of the quotes from the article, "Coach still teaches in game of life," below:

* Leslie Wilson, assistant director for programs at Second Mile: "I am just overwhelmed at how hands-on Jerry is, and I think he is more involved now than I think he ever was... He has his hands in every event and you can see his real passion for what he believes in, he takes everyone in as family."


* More from Wilson: "I can go on all day about how I feel about Jerry as a person because he is so great for the kids," Wilson said. "It's like he was put on this earth to work with kids. I don't know if I have ever met another man that was as caring and as compassionate with children as he is."

* "If asked, Sandusky gladly attends games or other activities in which his Second Mile children are involved. Through volunteering at local high schools in the region, he is able to keep his head in the game and spend some extra quality time with some of his friends from the program."

* Jeremy Fegert, assistant director of programs at Second Mile: "Most people work from 9 to 5, but Jerry has a year-long job... He always has a kid from The Second Mile with him or around him. It is amazing how he gives everything he has for the things that he believes in."

* Fegert, again: "It is really great to see him interacting with the kids and being an active part in what he has created."

Remember: The first complaints about Sandusky's relationship with children associated with The Second Mile occurred in 1998. This article was published five years later.


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