The candidates for the 2007 Baseball Hall of Fame voting were announced recently, and they served their purpose: Making every single one of us feel completely freaking old.

Check out some of the new names: Tim Raines. David Justice. Chuck Knoblauch. Sheesh, did those guys really retire just five years ago? Sports Gone South has a fun rundown of the candidates, including this riff on Raines:

Tim Raines-Used to slide headfirst when stealing bases, allegedly so as not to break the cocaine vials in his back pocket. Our favorite baseball story ever.


We forgot about that: Now that's devotion to your craft. For all the talk about how today's athletes are Out Of Control, we remind you that Raines had his drug issues, Justice used to pummel Halle Berry around the head and neck and Brady Anderson never, ever did steroids during his 50-homer season. We do enjoy that Shawon Dunston is on the ballot this year, though. Where's the votes for Jose Oquendo?

Your 2008 Hall of Fame Candidates In Thirty Seconds Or Less [Sports Gone South]