So there you have it. A Will Levis post that also includes (another) DCEU casting shocker. No, don’t Google or tweet about it. I hope it was obvious that treating those scoops seriously was me being facetious.


Barry Keoghan is returning as the Joker, which gives me time to Google who he even is, and the stunningly average Kentucky quarterback who shot into the No. 1 pick conversation is a meme stock now. What’s a meme stock? They’re shares that gain viral popularity due to heightened social attention. Just like Will Levis’ potential, his stock is merely an artificial construct.

I’m not sure I’m more disappointed in a community of risk-takers moving Vegas’ lines over an unverified piece of misinformation on a sports gambling subreddit or that Carolina wasn’t actually about to shake up the draft. For everyone except Panthers fans, Levis going No. 1 would be objectively hysterical.


Levis has existed outside the fringes of the upper-echelon signal callers in the draft, but for a few moments, he was the hot prospect. On the plus side, this morning was a good time to jump on Bryce Young’s stock.

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