Penn State quarterback Anthony Morelli has received death threats via e-mail, for infractions way less severe than going to the Barbaro message board and wishing out loud that the horse would die. No, some jack-ass Penn State fans want him dead because he's only thrown for 2,227 yards and 10 touchdowns against 8 interceptions.

Now, no one likes to get death threats, but the ones sent over e-mail seem sort of non-threatening to me. I mean, if a guy can't even be bothered to go to the trouble of cutting letters out of a magazine and pasting them onto another piece of paper, all the while careful not to get fingerprints anywhere... well, that guy's probably harmless. I don't think there's any need for Penn State to go to the trouble of hiring Kevin Costner to protect Morelli at the Outback Bowl.


Just a word of advice to the overzealous Penn State fans responsible for this: Don't e-mail any death threats to Joe Paterno. Number one, he doesn't use the e-mail or the EBay, and he won't get it. And number two, he really could die at any minute. And then you'd feel bad, and probably go to jail.

Morelli has received death threats []