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Yesterday, we openly speculated who the heck that band "Autologic" that plays on Page 2's endless "serialized novel" 24 College Avenue. Another reason we love you, readers: You came through.


And now we know why the music sounds so, uh ... you know, if you can't say anything nice. Autologic is in fact Bristol Bob, a.k.a., Gino Bona, a.k.a., guy who does those Page 2 song parodies that you have never, ever clicked on. Apparently they were in a band called Autologic before becoming the Page 2 Weird Als, and now they're back. So now we know. We feel kinda stupid for having asked, actually.

Oh, and a reader needed to vent on the whole 24 College Avenue experience, so we thought we'd oblige him:

ESPN s 24 College Ave what a complete joke? What were the people at thinking? This series if you can call it that is filled with just about every stereotype in the book. Not only is there a civil engineering student from Tunisia with radical views named Ahmed Muhammed there is also the token BLACK GUY named Kenan Hill who so happens to play linebacker on the football team... I cannot believe this actually made the final cutting board for Page 2. If this contrived forced fed concept makes it through a three times a week schedule throughout the school year I will be really surprised. The geniuses at ESPN have done it again and they always wonder why people are so critical about their network and how much it has fallen off.

We have to say, we're kind of impressed: We didn't know anyone actually made it that far into the series.

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