Earlier today, we wrote that the 49ers-Packers will likely be very cold. How cold exactly?

The current weather forecasts for Sunday in Green Bay are a bit varied—Weather.com says the high will be -5 degrees while the National Weather Service predicts a high of 0 degrees—but one thing remains true no matter which forecast you choose to believe: that game is going to be absolutely no fun to attend.

In response to this piece, a real live meteorologist—who will remained unnamed to protect against potential weather drama—reached out with a simple request:

Your piece on the Green Bay Wild Card game gave 2 very different high temperatures—one from the National Weather Service and the other from The Weather Channel. In the future, if given the two options, choose the NWS. Always.

They are local forecasters and have a more intimate knowledge of the area's weather. TWC generally posts model data output as a forecast with very little quality control since they are trying to forecast for every zip code in the country. I've personally had my forecasts differ some 10° to 15° from TWC with mine being far more accurate.

If you REALLY want to go for the gusto, try finding some forecasts from local TV meteorologists. A former boss of mine is a chief meteorologist at a station in Green Bay, and his forecast is 0° (he's probably one of the best forecasters I've ever met).

I know it sounds small, but it always annoys me when people pass along bad weather info, and it happens with stunning frequency in sports media all over the country. The NWS is more accurate and less sensational than any national media outlet.


Good stuff! Please be advised that TWC and its various shell sites spew bullshit, so, as in all matters of consumption, shop local for the best meteorological information, and keep money out of the pockets of Big Weather.