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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

49ers' Willis Employs Five Pointed Palm Exploding Heart Technique

The big question in San Francisco right now: Should Mike Singletary be kept on as head coach next season? The overwhelming sentiment so far is yes, although Jets' wide receiver Brad Smith may not agree. If there were ever any doubt as to whether the 49ers would begin to take on Singletary's rabid personality, this play should lay that to rest; as Patrick Willis did to Smith in the fourth quarter of San Francisco's 24-14 win over the Jets on Sunday.

You can see Smith pop up from the hit initially, walk a few steps and then collapse; not unlike David Carradine's demise in Kill Bill II. That killer instinct hasn't been around these parts in a long time; it's good to see. Singletary set the tone when he dropped his trousers and showed his team the ass at halftime during his first game as head coach. We thought he was nuts then, but was there really genius within those pants?


It's also fun just to listen to Singletary talk.

"I won't say that it's my team, and I won't say it's becoming my team," he said, "because I'm really trying to help it become the players' team ... Rather than it be my team, it's going to be their team, and then it's going to be our team (the players and coaches). My team would be the third."


Does that make any sense? Does it matter? For long-suffering 49ers fans who have now watched their team win three of their past four, it sounds like poetry.

Tell The Yorks: It's Singletary's Team [San Francisco Chronicle]

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