The Legends for Charity Luncheon presented the award "to a deserving recipient who through their career has demonstrated the character, integrity and leadership both on and off the job." Guess who won it this year?

Exactly. According to the Sports Media blog on the DMN, the award was first presented in 2006 and previous winners include James Brown, Greg Gumbel and Jim Nantz.

Of course Berman has been successful "on the job" as an ESPN personality for many, many years, but one would figure the whole demonstration of integrity "off the job" qualification would trip him up. But, really, they must be counting only 2008. (Remember the notorious freak-out and "deux, deux, deux" videos were from a few years ago.)


So congratulations, Mr. Berman. You're an inspiration to sweaty comb-over wearers and Canadian drug traffickers everywhere.

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