We've established that running an NBA team is a horrible way to make money, but did the Boston Globe bury the big news that some teams may not last much longer in their home city?

Here's what they said in a blurb buried in a otherwise dull NBA roundup:

According to an NBA executive, there is growing concern inside the Kings organization that if their arena issue isn't resolved, they could end up moving to Anaheim. Anaheim has been hoping to get an NBA team for years, has filled its arena for Lakers exhibition games and Clippers regular-season games, and could attract fans from as far south as San Diego. The Lakers and Clippers, however, could challenge for territorial rights fees, and it could be hard for the Kings to find a spot on television in LA, too. The financially strapped Pacers, who reportedly have lost $200 million since 1983, also could be on the move eventually. San Jose, Kansas City, Seattle, and Las Vegas are potential future NBA homes.

Yes, Sacramento wants out of their arena and there is no way the city builds a couple of casino goons a new one in this economic climate. But Anaheim will clearly never happen. The Clippers' rotting stench can reach to Orange County, thank you very much. San Jose won't work, because it's hard enough for everyone in the Bay Area to pretend that the Warriors don't exist. Seattle clearly deserves a team, but they also deserve more than a failed brokedown organization. And Las Vegas? I know everyone wants this to happen, but honestly who is going leave the roulette tables long enough to support an NBA team?


Clearly, the Kings must return to Kansas City so that the mayor can stand on the town's border with his arms crossed and say in a mocking tone, "So you finally came crawling back, huh?" Did I mention that the team must be required to walk to K.C.?

As for the Pacers, they should obviously be taken away from their inept ownership, but they aren't going anywhere. You don't lose $200 million because people in Indiana don't care about basketball. Seriously, how do you screw that one up?

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