According to Grady's girlfriend, one Miss Brittany Binger, the latest round of private photos to hit the internet were the work of the same dastardly individual who hacked into her email account months ago. And Grady's pissed.

But Brittany's not bitter and doesn't hate Grady's loyal, devoted lady-fans. "I'm not pinpointing his fans, all of his fans are great, it's just one stalker that's been pestering us," she told me during a phone conversation, oh, about 56 minutes ago. That's all she'll say for now, since she and Grady are doing everything they can to prevent anymore embarrassing photos "stolen" from her email account to pop up on the web.

It's gonna be tough to keep the latest batch from popping up multiple places. Especially those websites frequented by, say, gay people.

Grady Sizemore starts legal action against racy photos on web [CPD]