Of course, the law dictates that you can't just shoot people in the face for getting on your nerves any more...

So, in riot situations, cops tend to borrow big boa constrictor hose pipes from their buddies in the fire brigade to defend against protestors. The results are twofold. Firstly, the water acts as a cold shower, waking them up from their pot-induced rage. And secondly, it makes their clothes really really wet. Ouch.

As buzz-killing techniques go, it's up there with the serious overuse of sarcasm, and employing a woman called Sue to run the meet-and-greet part of your election campaign.

Anyway, in the aftermath of last night's humiliation against ten men, the bruised egos in charge at Barcelona decided to adopt the old water technique to quash the on-pitch Inter Milan celebrations.

As reported in Marca, while the players leapt joyfully about the pitch in a football recreation of one child shouting "in your face" to another child, on came around 52 sprinklers to soak them off the pitch and into the dressing room. Unfortunately, it didn't work out quite so well. If anything, the water just made them even more excitable.


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