Old sack of shit Donald Sterling hosted a white party for the Clippers this weekend (he's the one person in the photo here who isn't wearing white, natch). There was a lot of fun to be had. Let's take a look.

First and foremost, we were made aware of this White Party through NBA West Coast fun times correspondent Arash Markazi, who RT'd a tweet from DeAndre Jordan that looked like so:

Where to begin with that? It is pretty funny that Arash Markazi is attending another NBA party (though, sea of taut ass aside, this one seemed much more harmless than his night with King James in Vegas). However, it is very funny that rookie Jon Scheyer was in attendance since he is so extraordinarily white. Let's take a look at the video of these Clippers dancing:

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Look at him go! He's such a dork out there that Al-Farouq Aminu's membership in the NBA Players Wearing Black-Rimmed Glasses Society slips under the radar. (I really hope that trend keeps catching on, and legitimate feuds begin over designer eye wear.)


Your 2010-2011 Clippers, ladies and gentlemen. Where things are already going downhill, and Donald Sterling is always around to play the part of the creepy, lecherous old coot. At least Vinny Del Negro can get a nice tan while honing his 1987 Pat Riley impression.

@ArashMarkazi [Twitter]


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