The Fighting Irish are perched on the brink of an unprecedented accomplishment: the losingest class in school history. Clearly this must be celebrated.

The Irish have 25 losses over the past 3½ seasons, and one more will give the school its all-time record for losses in a four-year period. November 13th, against now-No. 8 Utah, just happens to be senior day. So what better way to go out for the historically unfulfilled class of 2010 than to storm the field?

From a letter to the editors of an independent school newspaper:

When we get steamrolled by Utah on Nov. 13, we will officially be the losingest class in Notre Dame History. That day will also be Senior Day, a day that the senior class is allowed on the field at the end of the game. The senior class should not walk onto the field, but storm the field in celebration of its four seasons as spectators in the student section. The senior class should show its thanks and appreciation for a record-breaking four seasons by storming the field at the closing of the loss to Utah on Nov. 13.

Matthew McManus


Brilliant. Love it. Even if my Temple team went 7-39 during my years there, I'm still sympathetic, and I'm all for this. But Notre Dame will probably screw this one up too, by losing to Tulsa on Saturday.


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