Will we ever run out of Michael Jordan revelations? I'd like to think that that day will never come, and the fact we have two in the last week alone is encouraging. First, we discovered 18-year-old Jordan's lusty, misspelled letter to his high school girlfriend Laquette, and today we take a look at his 1986 Johnson's Gentle-Treatment commercial, in which he sweeps away a female reporter during a post-game interview after noticing her "soft, smooth, silky" hair.

"Can I do a story on you," Jordan asks, turning the tables on the lady journo, "and your beautiful hair?" I would point out a few pertinent ethical questions regarding this exchange and the subsequent suggestive exit, but I have to go check out the Ebay situation for original bottles of late '80s Johnson Gentle-Treatment Relaxer, so please, carry on.

Via Black Sports Online.


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