In case you haven't noticed yet, the corporate brand on Penn State's uniforms is a swoosh. We though it'd make sense to reach out to the folks at Nike and ask what they thought of the Sandusky affair. Did they plan on altering their business relationship with the school? Would the swoosh continue to appear on Penn State uniforms, especially if Joe Paterno and Mike McQueary continued to appear on the Penn State sidelines? The response from Nike was the expected one:

Hi Luke,
Thanks for reaching out. We decline to comment.


Erin Patterson
NIKE, Inc. | Global Corporate Communications

Moments later, tipster Joe K. alerted us to the regrettable name of a child care center on the campus of Nike World Headquarters in Beaverton, Oregon: the Joe Paterno Center. From Nike's website:

Currently Nike's Child Development Centers are providing exceptional full time, on-site care for 200 children aged six weeks to five years in our Joe Paterno Center. We also provide part-time hourly and back up care for 28 children in our Nike Tyke's Center located in the Bo Jackson Fitness Center. In partnership with parents, our inspired team of child development professionals ensures the optimal development of every child.

Optimal development indeed. I've asked Erin Patterson to comment on the name of the center. No response yet.

UPDATE: Patterson responds:

Hi Luke,
No problem. I don't have any further official comment for you but I can direct you to our website that lists some of our buildings' names if that helps.

All the best,