When we approached Karl Rominger to do a live chat with our readers a few months back, we did so because Rominger—the defense attorney repping Jerry Sandusky who isn't Lawyerin' Joe—struck us as the kind of guy who might be fun to have a beer with. Sure enough, Rominger didn't disappoint. And last night, on the eve of Sandusky's sentencing hearing, which is now underway in Bellefonte, Pa., Rominger hit the town in nearby State College and wanted everyone to know the beers were on him. Around 11:15 p.m., he tweeted the following, which he has since deleted: "OK I'm buying at Zeno's bar. You students at #psu have 30 minutes to get on my tab.Any takers? Coeds appreciated."

Penn State's student newspaper, The Daily Collegian, sent a reporter. Kevin Horne of Onward State was there, too, but he was enjoying himself and simply relaying how it went down:

Yes, indeed.

A former State College-area reporter took a swipe at Rominger:

But Rominger fired back, though he has since deleted that tweet, too:

Back to Horne's play-by-play:

That was that.

Though Rominger was later seen at a Taco Bell, too. Always working.