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ESPN's Kevin Van Valkenburg has a new feature out about Broncos wide receiver Wes Welker. I'm sure it's good, but I really can't say for sure right now because I have spent the last 30 minutes or so thinking about this particular passage:

WHEN HE WAS A BOY, Welker had a rabbit named Thumper. He loved chasing him around the yard and feeding him. One day, the neighbor's dog got loose and slipped into the Welkers' yard, and that was the end of Thumper. A few days later, Welker told his brother, Lee, he'd waited until no one was watching, sneaked into the neighbors' yard and whaled on that dog. He was 7 years old.


OK, so, 7-year-old kids do terrible things all the time, and Welker was clearly very upset about his rabbit being killed, but this one fucked-up story! Young Welker waited for days to carry out his beating, meaning this wasn't a crime of passion, but a calculated act of violence. seven-year-old Wes Welker sounds scary.


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