While the sight of a hockey player breaking his or her stick may rouse the cheers of rowdy spectators, it evokes a different thought in Quant's head: $85. That is the cost of each hockey stick the University purchases for its varsity players.

With each hockey player breaking several sticks a year, Quant said the cost of hockey sticks can easily balloon to $50,000 a year.

This is from an article in today's Cornell Daily Sun about the impending financial self-sufficiency of 11 of the school's varsity teams. That's not really the story, though, and men's hockey isn't one of the teams that'll need to support itself. This is the story: $50,000 on hockey sticks! I got an Easton Z-Bubble for Christmas circa 2000 with a Brendan Shanahan-endorsed blade, and I made sure never to break the damn thing, because then I'd be stuck with another Bauer painted-wood number. Just be more careful, hockey players!