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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

9/11 Stadium Brawl At Jets-Cowboys Game Includes One Fan Zapping People With A Taser

I guess we could assume that the security at MetLife Stadium was being extra vigilant during tonight's stressful, gloomy anniversary game and were so preoccupied with making sure no fan tried to sneak in an umbrella or a laser pointer that they simply forgot to pat-down everyone for the little things like, you know, stun guns.

But as you can see hear (at the :03 to :04 mark) and see (not) pretty clearly (at the :10 mark) in this shaky cellphone video submitted by reader Dan C., that's just the type of prohibited weaponry one guy was packing at the Jets-Cowboys game tonight and later used during a fight in section 324. Now maybe the thing used wasn't as vicious or illegal as it looked. Or maybe the man in the Cowboys jersey zapping everybody pummeling him was a stadium marshal hired to quickly neutralize stadium brawls so they wouldn't show up on NY1 or YouTube tonight and ruin all the never-forgetting and nationalistic pride. I'm sure we'll find out the specific details surrounding this fight later today because otherwise, damn, MetLife's front-gate security looks pretty silly.

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