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A Bit Of An Uphill Lie

You want to pull the pin for me? Pro golfers try their hand on this par-3 hole that's 460-yards ... straight down. [Devil Ball Golf]

Slash and burn: Here's some truly awful hockey tattoos. Also known as: hockey tattoos. [Bangin Panger]


Union Jack: A business class taught by Donald Fehr? I heard it doesn't start on time and costs twice as much as you budgeted for it. [SimonOnSports]

Let it out, man: The 49ers aren't interested in Matthew Stafford, because he doesn't want to talk about his mommy and daddy issues. Yeah, you definitely need a QB who will open up about his feelings in the huddle. [Lewp's Weblog]

DNP - Sleepy: I think I could use a fake excuse for not playing right about now. [Not Qualified To Comment]

Panther swiped?: Would Jamie Dixon really leave Pitt? I wouldn't put anything past that hair. [PSAMP]

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