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A Bizarre ABC Programming Choice

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While Fox and CBS are showing some big-time college basketball and NFL games, ABC has countered with some lame golf event that pits PGA Tour players against LPGA players and Champions Tour players.

And not only is it completely devoid of entertainment value, it's also a month old. The event took place in November. The Champions Tour guys win behind a 2-under-par 68 that Craig Stadler will shoot tomorrow. There. I just ruined it for you. Ha.


This is what happens when Fox can't stop with the damn jingle bells. I end up watching Lorena Ochoa, Christie Kerr (To be honest, I'm just looking for an excuse to post that picture) and Craig Stadler play a month-old meaningless golf event. God, I hate you, Fox.

If we're going to be subjected to male vs. female sporting events, does it have to be golf? Does it have to be figure skating? How about some NBA vs. WNBA action? Say, Ray Allen and Danny Fortson against Sue Bird and Lauren Jackson for basketball supremacy of Seattle? Just as meaningless, but twice as enteraining.

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