A Brief, Shady Announcement About Your Commenting Privileges...

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Throughout Deadspin's short history, the commenters have been an integral part of the overall tone of the site. You are a very small, very vocal minority. In the coming weeks, you are about to get smaller.

Tomorrow: Be prepared for mass executions and de-starring. No, there will be no official comment moderator at this time, but there is an elite squad of unidentified ninjas watching your every predictable /dick joke, failed comedy pyramid, and nonsensical musing. Also, offenses you may not have been disciplined for in the past will be counted against you. There is no safety in tenure, personal relationships with editors/writers/commenters past or present, or number of friends/followers you may have. You will all be subject to unfair scrutiny and I have very little say in the matter.


So if you plan on sticking around here, bring your finest meats and cheeses for the next couple of weeks or you may be gone. Of course, you could always swim back through the Facebook commenting sewer to issue your complaints if you feel that strongly about it, but why cause a scene?

There is a reason for this, but none of it's personal. For now, keep your fake friends close and your FAILBOTS closer. Consider yourselves informed.


Now, thank you for your continued support of Deadspin. Enjoy your DUAN...