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Unlike Tommy Tuberville, who left a meal and screwed over his recruits by signing with another organization, DJ Campbell left a contract negotiation for a meal and screwed over his bosses by a signing with another organization. Even shrewder and, considering who he was pissing off, ballsier too. Campbell escaped from Hull City A.F.C. manager Steve Bruce (pictured, making the face he made when he realized Campbell wasn't coming back), and Bruce roared to the papers about Campbell's betrayal. However you lie to the people you're with about why you're leaving the table, it almost always makes for newspaper good copy. Here's the the Daily Mail's version:

Hull boss Steve Bruce was furious with QPR striker DJ Campbell after he allegedly told the club he was ‘nipping out for lunch' but then walked out on a potential move to the KC Stadium to hold talks with Blackburn.

The whole affair left a sour taste in Bruce's mouth and he blasted the striker of a lack of professionalism.

Hull believed they had agreed a deal but then found out that Blackburn had made a £4.5million offer for Campbell for a three-and-a-half year deal behind their back.

Bruce raged to the Daily Mirror: ‘The total lack of respect by DJ and his agent left a bad taste. I have no problem with him going but the way they handled it is shocking.

‘They said they were going for a bit of lunch, but went along the M62 and left us trying to find out where they were for a couple of hours. If they had rung and said what happened we could have all got on with our lives.

‘I have been in the game for a long time and never been as disappointed as I am with their behaviour.

‘It's just greed. Be a man, just inform us of your intentions.'

Campbell, for the record, disputed Hull's report, but this is still why you should just order lunch during a contract negotiation.


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