A Busy Day In the Blogosphere

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• Want to own Mike Vick's dog fighting compound? Of course you do—sign here. [100% Injury Rate]
• An action packed retrospective on the great Dale Hunter [Food Court Lunch]
• If you went to Oregon and you work in an office with a Wildcat this probably resembles your Friday morning. [GoAZCats]
• Two new NBA Blogs! One has a better name than the other. [Utah Jazz Nation] [The Dream Shake]
• Heisman candidates as Pulp Fiction characters. [Cake Rocks the Party]
• Further responses to Chris McCosky's crappy writing. [Girl With a Puck]
• A Rod is hardly making a sacrifice. [Sons of Sam Malone]
• FIFA's shiny new ball. [Machochip]
• Tony Parker's biggest fan. Pink Lacoste? Check. Popped collar? Check. French? Checkmate. [Jen's Free Throws]