We have for you this morning an amusing tale from D.C. Sports Bog about another Dan Snyder, a man who now lugs around the burden of a besmirched name:

"I think it just kind of gradually happened, this creeping, dawning awareness," [the other Dan] Snyder told me. "I'd be at the Blockbuster trying to rent a movie, I'd give them my credit card and they'd go 'Dan Snyder? You're not Dan Snyder?' Then they'd unload on me with whatever they hated about what was going on with the Redskins."

There are certain awkward elements to this. Internet searches, for example.

"I've done a Google search on my name a couple times, and you look at it, and you're like 'Oh, gosh, that's not so hot,' " Snyder said. "You hope that people drill down and find out who you really are."


Remember, not every Dan Snyder is bad. Attacking innocent Dan Snyders is wrong and will not be condoned. The one in the story happens to be a former Marine sergeant and an opera tenor. He also owns the website dansnyder.com, which must really chafe Dan Snyder.