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Yeah, yeah, so the NBA All-Star Game is this weekend. Yawn. There's not much more dull these days than the 3-point contest and the slam dunk competition, and the game itself ... no thanks. But worry not, basketball fans: There's an antidote in the very same city: It's the Development League All-Star Weekend!

We don't think the D-League gets enough love, and that's not just because they play H-O-R-S-E on their All-Star Weekend. (Though they do.) Or because they have Rod Benson. (Though they have him too.)


Why love the D-League? So many reasons. Hardwood Paroxsym revs up its manifesto:

We're stunned by the disdain many NBA fans have of the D-League. It's WNBA-proportions at times. Now, indifference, that makes sense. Apathy, assuredly. Ignorance, even, is commonplace and to be expected. But there's a legitimate "This is a dumb idea, they should scrap it" flow amongst the fans. Why? There are both theoretical and pragmatic reasons to approach the D-League with open arms.

We're gonna have Hardwood Paroxsym at the D-League All-Star Game this weekend, so expect a full report. We care. We definitely care. Kind of.

Dr. BoomTho, Or: How I Learned To Stop Hating And Love The D-League [Hardwood Paroxysm]

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