A College Baseball Game Was Delayed Because An Eagle And Osprey Were Fighting Over A Fish

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Unless you’re a fan of either team, or had an irresponsible amount of money riding on this game, there’s a chance you did not catch Jacksonville State take one Jacksonville University in baseball on Saturday.

At the end of nine innings, Jacksonville won the game 5-2, a result that gave them the series win as well. But the game took longer than expected thanks to the actions of some predatory birds.

In the top of the eighth inning, an osprey made its way over Jacksonville’s John Sessions Stadium with a fish in its claws. Suddenly, a bald eagle appeared and attempted to get the fish for itself out of the osprey’s grasp. The osprey would end up dropping fish and flying away, but the eagle remained in search of its meal. Before it got a chance to swoop down, a Jacksonville player in the dugout ran out to grab the fish off the field with a towel. For what it’s worth, the play-by-play commentator played the moment pretty well.


No word on whether the NCAA will hit Jacksonville with sanctions after the team received this impermissible benefit from the eagle.