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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

A Complete Breakdown Of The Year In Touchdown Celebrations

Geoff Foster of the Wall Street Journal has done the lord's work. He went back and watched every touchdown celebration that occurred in the NFL this year for the purpose of creating a comprehensive audit of how NFL players decided to get down after scoring.


Foster breaks everything down in a helpful infographic, and shares some of the key insights that were yielded by his research, none more illuminating than the fact that a lot of NFL players really do "act like they've been there before":

Not counting repeats, there were 61 players who literally danced in the end zone—and of these 61, the majority were players who seldom score: rookies, defensive players, benchwarmers, etc. In fact, 64% of the NFL's 2013 dancers have 10 or fewer career touchdowns. Conversely, there are numerous veterans who seldom do anything more than flip the ball to the ref. (Arizona's Larry Fitzgerald, Dallas's Jason Witten and Detroit's Reggie Bush do next to nothing.)


If Joseph Fauria ever becomes one of these modest veterans and stops dancing after every touchdown, a little piece of all of us will die. Don't give in to those curmudgeonly coaches and broadcasters, Joseph. You stay golden!


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