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A Couple Of Expensive Six Packs

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We are aware that it's very possible there's much more to come out about the story than has been released, but, taken at face value, the Connecticut football team is awfully strict about player discipline.


Five players were kicked off the team yesterday apparently for buying two six-packs of beer. (Heineken and Corona, if you're wondering.) One of the players tried to make sense of the matter.

"We were at a gas station and it happened to have beer and someone said, 'Let's get some,'" wide receiver Nollis Dewar said. "There was no plan before like, 'Lets go buy some beer and have a party.' We were walking back to the hotel and [coach Carl Kotz] saw us. We just said we were going back to the room. He asked if we had anything in our bags and we all said no. Then we were in meetings later and he went through our rooms and searched through all our things and he said he found the beer. No one drank it. No one did anything with it. Nothing happened with the alcohol. And I am 21. There was no crime committed at all."

So, to get this straight:

The assistant coach went digging through his players' bags, found two unopened six-packs of beer, purchased by 21-year-olds who didn't even drink them. And they were kicked off the team for it. Again, there might be more to the story than that ... but we can't imagine that could be good for recruiting.

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