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A Couple Of Naughty Longhorns

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Two Texas Longhorns are in trouble, and their timing could be considered poor. The Austin Police Department released a statement last night saying that they were investigating two different criminal incidents involving individuals "involved in the UT athletics program," which sounds like a nice way of saying, "They might be football players. They might not. We're just saying that we'd kinda like to see the Longhorns win the Rose Bowl, so for all you know, they're swimmers, okay, Mister Nosey?" is all over the story, and they've fingered Cedric Griffin and Ramonce Taylor as the alleged perpetrators. Griffin is a first team All-Big 12 selection, and Ramonce is an honorable mention, so these are not 3rd-string long snappers we're talking about here. These are vital cogs in the Longhorn machine. One of the events being investigated as an attempted robbery, and the other is an assault involving an automatic handgun.


The Texas AD released a statement late Friday night that read, in part, "Based upon what we know at this time we have no reason to believe that the University or the athletic department need to take any action." He may have whited out the part that said, "Because, you know, we'd kinda like to win the Rose Bowl."

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