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A Deadspin Special Report: USC Song Girl Buttocks Investigation

This image was lost some time after publication, but you can still view it here.

Plenty of emails have been coming in about the identity of the unfortunate USC lassie whose buoyant caboose was briefly revealed during the Rose Bowl game Monday, then subsequently YouTube-d and jpg-ed all over the world for the oggling, cubicled masses. So far, resident Deadspin commenter Jesse James has graciously sacrificed some vital time from his day job to do some exhaustive research on the mattter, claiming that the bouncy derrier in question is property of one USC Song Girl "Megan".

(He claims the definitive evidence is " the hair and chin").

However, after further review, there seems to be some discrepancy between the jaw structure of "Megan" and this screenshot taken just seconds before the cruel twist of wedgied/thonged fate reered its wondrous bumps. That photo seems to suggest that the supple badonka-donk in question may very well also be property of one "Alli" who also is blessed with the dark features and what appears to be an equally-muscled undercarriage. Any and all updates on this matter are greatly appreciated, as it is my duty to find answers to these pressing, urgent matters of masturbatory security.


At Least She's Cheering for the Right Team [Deadspin]

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