A Dejected Tom Ricketts Rides The Train

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Sonny in Chicago emailed us today to share an unexpected sighting on his afternoon commute: "I sat on the Metra today, coming back from downtown Chicago to the suburbs, I looked up and what do you know, it's Chicago Cubs owner Tom Ricketts sitting right across from me, on his iPhone with his Cubs phone protector case (obviously)."

The Cubs are not doing very well this year.

"I guess it's cool that he rides the train just like the rest of us," Sonny says, "but it was funny to see him looking so depressed... as he should be with the way this season as turned out."


Ricketts reads his iPhone. Sonny, we've now deduced, is a Cubs fan: "Probably thinking about how this season couldn't be any more dismal," he suggests.


The Cubs owner is under a lot of pressure. "Probably as a result of him thinking about how many more years we are stuck with [Alfonso] Soriano and how we don't have any pitchers to save our lives," Sonny suggests.

He might be onto something.

Eventually, Ricketts was "completely passed out." Professional stress can be exhausting.

Sonny said that he made eye contact with Ricketts when they were getting off the train, but that he didn't want to be the "typical Cubs fan" and call him out. He managed one suggestion: "Right before he got off the train I said, 'Hey, please sign Pujols,' and he smiled. Maybe he'll listen to me, although I doubt Pujols would bring us to the promised land anyways :("

Thanks for your continued support of Deadspin. Before Dickey joins you, Sonny's just got one more thing: "PS- GO CUBS."