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A "Demented-Looking" Laurence Fishburne Mocked Rob Ford To Raptors Fans

Actor Laurence Fishburne attended last night's Clippers-Raptors game at the ACC in Toronto, and he ended up seeing a hell of a game. (A historic one, even!) He was also allegedly really drunk (err, "tired and emotional"):


Nah, dude looks fine to me. But wait!

Bizarrely, Ross wasn't even the most shocking moment of the night. That would be the moment when actor Laurence Fishburne, appearing well refreshed, was brought out of the audience to salute the ACC crowd.

"Rob Ford, now that you've had your come-to-Jesus moment, let's crack-a-lack it, playa," Fishburne shrieked, looking more than a little demented.


That's the Toronto Star's Cathal Kelly, who would know. Crack-a-lack? (Some observers said it was "cracka-lacka.") Sadly this all happened during a commercial break, and the Raptors' website won't put up the video. Surely someone has something, right? Let us know.

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