A Fan At The Dennis Rodman Viewing Party Experience Got Rodman's Autograph Tattooed On His Arm

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Photo by Jill Tiongco.

Last week, we told you about the Dennis Rodman Viewing Party Experience, a LivingSocial deal that let you watch an NBA game at a Chicago bar with Dennis Rodman for only $59—or $129, if you wanted the VIP treatment. Fifty-one fans showed up, and among the attendees was Kris Glenn, a guy from Norman, Okla., who drove 12 hours to see Rodman with the goal of getting Rodman's autograph to later tattoo on his arm.


From Matt Lindner of RedEye Chicago:

Rodman wasn't required to sign autographs, but not long after getting wind of Glenn's plan, that all changed.

"When I told him about the ‘guy from Oklahoma who drove 12 hours' before the public appearance started, he made it very clear that he'd have no problem signing the guy's body," Rodman's Houston-based spokesman Sam Freedman said via e-mail.

"He was such a sport about it," Glenn said. "He said ‘are you really gonna get it tattooed,' and I said ‘hell yeah I am.'"

On Monday afternoon, the married father of one followed through with his plan, getting Rodman's barely legible autograph tattooed on the inside of his right bicep.

"It says ‘Dennis Worm Rodman,'" he said. "You still can't read it that well but he took his time, which I think is hilarious. What I got tattooed is exactly what he wrote and I wouldn't have it any other way. Compared to the other autographs he gave that night, it's a little bit more legible."


This tattoo has some sentimental value. Glenn and his father, who died three years ago, used to watch Bulls games and Glenn said that watching Rodman play brought them closer together. And this was all thanks to magic of the Dennis Rodman Viewing Party Experience.

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