Spain won the World Cup yesterday, and as with every place ever that has won a large sporting event, the fans there took to the streets with an assortment of alcohol, chanting, pyrotechnics, and team-colors-wearing.

Brian Siegel of Deadspin's Madrid Bureau sent in a handful of videos and pictures, including this one of several young gentlemen celebrating in the Sol area, "the Times Square of Madrid," according to Brian.


A massive number of people gathered to celebrate, and as drunk as they were, Brian reports, "this wasn't Coachella or Phish at Fenway Park. It was a genuinely good time, and people didn't fuck it up." Good on you, Spain.


Brian says the local constabulary wasn't making many DUI stops. This is likely an example of one such scofflaw.

The subway wasn't spared from the riotous scene either.

Chanting and drinking huge containers of sangria on a public train? I'll allow it.


Meanwhile, in Valenica, our friends at were documenting the scene as well. It appears that in Valencia the children are filled with awe and wonder, while the potentially pretty women smoke or sulk in the background.


Nuggets jerseys in the middle of everything? You'd better believe it. Additional nonexistent points awarded because I think that's an Iverson one.

This one was titled "soccer stud." What do you think, ladies?


An unattended replica trophy? Could those crafty drug cartels be at it again?


And out of nowhere, a "Paris '68" reenactment broke out.

This one's actually pretty cool.


Smoke from fireworks or a three-alarm fire? Who cares, it's a party.

Brian went to the parade today as well. Says Brian, "The team was supposed to arrive at 9:00—bullshit. Predictable Spanish lack of punctuality." Culturally insensitive; I like it.

Late as the team may have been, the party continued.

Who cares about a tardy soccer squad? Imfuckinpromptu air show!

Cheers to España, cheers to public intoxication, and cheers to our helpers Brian Siegel of Siegel On The Fly and HolaValencia for letting us use these photos.