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A George Zimmerman-DMX Boxing Match Would Almost Certainly Be Fixed

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The internet is all abuzz about the fact that child killer George Zimmerman has agreed to fight 43-year-old rapper DMX in a three-round boxing match on March 1. But before we enter into weeks of discussing how horrifying the idea of these people profiting off of Trayvon Martin's dead body is, one thing needs to be made clear: There is next to zero chance that this match will be anything other than a total fraud, a prearranged entertainment.

So far, media coverage of the upcoming fight seems to be operating under the assumption that the fight will basically be on the up-and-up. That's ridiculous, as the most cursory Googling indicates. The man organizing the fight, Damon Feldman, has staged many "celebrity" boxing matches in the past—you may remember watching Danny Bonaduce fight Jose Canseco back in 2009—and has essentially admitted that the fights are fixed.


In 2010, Feldman was charged by the Pennsylvania Attorney General's office with six counts of fixing bouts and staging fights without a promoter's license. (He subsequently pleaded no contest.) Feldman was asked to comment on the case by at the time, and he did little to refute the charges brought against him:

"I classify myself as the WWE of boxing. The bottom line is I give formerly famous people the chance to step in the ring, they're not gonna kill each other. It's 100 percent entertainment," Feldman told us this afternoon, of his fights, which have featured Rodney King, Tanya Harding, Jose Canseco and Willie Aames, to name a few contestants.

"It's similar to sports entertainment that the WWE engages in. That's how Damon's promoted this for as long as I have been associated with him," said Feldman's attorney Bob Bush asked whether Feldman's fights were fixed.

About that Rodney King fight: A Philly Mag reporter was at that bout while writing a profile of Feldman—who, incidentally, comes off exactly as you'd suspect—and what he saw didn't look very much like a real fight:

Now they're up in the ring, and there's the bell. Either ex-cop Aouad is a lot more bark than bite, or he's not bringing 100 percent. In the third round, King swivels him with a left hook to the head, then nearly knocks him down. And it's over. King wins by decision. In the ring, he's awarded the Celebrity Boxing Federation heavyweight title belt.


All of this only serves to add another layer of grime to the spectacle. A fair fight at least brings with it the potential for some kind of fucked up catharsis, but watching Zimmerman prance his way through a staged sports entertainment spectacle before walking away with a few extra thousand dollars in his pocket serves no purpose whatsoever. And if DMX is on board with a fixed fight, he deserves to be shamed forever.

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