A Great Tournament Capped With A Great Game

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The most fun part of last night's national championship game? It wasn't one of those awful defensive wars of attrition, in which each team grinds out the shot clock before chucking an off-balance out-of-control shot. (Or, at least on the rare occasions that happened, the shot went in.) On the whole, Kansas-Memphis was a lyrical, smooth, sprinting celebration of tall, fast people doing tall, fast things. It was as enjoyable aesthetically as it was historically.

After a stretch of dull championship games in our sports, we're now back on a roll, with last year's Super Bowl and this national title game. (And we suspect the NBA playoffs have the potential to be epic.) It also brings us little joy that the last two quality NCAA championship games have involved an Illinois loss and a Bill Self title. Alas.


Mostly: What a fun tournament. Even with all No. 1 seeds in the Final Four, we had three legitimate glories: Western Kentucky's last-second win, Stephen Curry's brilliance and Mario Chalmers' massive shot. That's three more than last year. We'll take it.

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