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So we know there are still a lot of stragglers around these parts either uninterested by the World Cup or intimidated by their lack of inherent knowledge of the proceedings. That's OK, of course: We are not a nation who grew up gathered around the radio listening to soccer games. We have some catching up to do.

If you're a casual fan who isn't sure where your rooting interests should like — outside of "U-S-A! U-S-A!" — and need a primer of loyalties, new soccer blogger The Reminder maps it out for you. Some highlights:

To Root Against:

Argentina. "The Argentinians are basically the opposite of Brazil. They play tough and ugly, and have several players with ponytails."
Italy. "The Italians are the easiest to root against. Why? Italian soccer on a whole is boring. I'm not debating this, it's a fact."

To Root For

African teams. "They have players you've never heard of, with sometimes hilariously funny names or nicknames (It's a translational thing). This year, the nations are generally small and poor, which makes it the month of a century for these people."
Iran. "Who doesn't want to see Iran-U.S.? Seriously. (Not going to happen, but hey)."


Confused About Who To Support? [The Reminder]