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A Guide To Recognizing Your Boos

So here's a noble endeavor. Presumably inspired by the great Baseball Prospectus, it's The Heckler's Prospectus, which is a player-by-player guide for fans to help with ammunition on how to boo opposing players.


They start off with the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.

Figgins, Chone - Evidently pronounced "Shawn", Figgins' first name is a glory to behold. Rhyming it with "cone" (as it should be, since this is America, goddamnit!) is a good start, but getting a little creative with it can't hurt. How about "che-hone-ay"? Or perhaps "see honey", but in the tone of an effeminate pimp.

Kendrick, Howie - Any "Howie" heckles begin and end with references to the great Howie Mandel and his well-publicized bout with OCD. As such, make sure to wear plastic gloves when taunting. Also, if you remove the "r" from his last name (maybe sending it over to Casey one entry down) it spells "Kendick". That's pretty funny.

They'll be going team by team. We have an instant bookmark.

The Heckler's Prospectus


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