A History Of Baseball Eyeglasses

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It seems so strange to think now, but back in the days before Lasik, baseball players actually used to wear glasses. (It also seems odd now that they ever wore the flip-top shades. We kind of miss them.) Because baseball players aren't always the most stylish humans, when you allow them to pick out their own eyewear, they're going to come up with some curious choices ... and they certainly did.

The guy pictured here is the late Darrell Porter, MVP of the 1982 World Series and the author of Snap Me Perfect, an autobiography (which we own) which tells the story of how Darrell kicked his drug habit through the love of Jesus Christ. (Sadly, Porter died of a cocaine overdose five years ago.) According to Joe Sports Fam, He's sporting the "Harry Caray" style of glasses, but other highlights include the "Tony LaRussa," the "Eric Dickerson," the "Scrooge McDuck" and, our favorite, the "Tom Henke." We wish more athletes wore glasses and lament that we might not see their like again.


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