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For a good chunk of tonight’s game against the Miami Dolphins, Bengals star A.J. Green had more receiving yards than the Dolphins had total yards. Were it not for a flukey touchdown on Miami’s first possession of the game, his 173 receiving yards would have outpaced them. Green has made the Pro Bowl in every single season of his career, so him dominating a soggy, pathetic Dolphins team at home isn’t exactly surprising, but the degree to which he was the best player in tonight’s boring game was truly impressive, as was the range he displayed.

There he was, pulling in jump balls right over people’s heads:


Shedding people after the catch and scoring;

Catching poorly thrown balls on the run in tight coverage;


And, for his best catch of the night, leaping out and turning another off-target ball into a first down.


He went into the locker room with eight catches for 123 yards and a score, and the Bengals were so dominant tonight that they didn’t really throw much in the second half. The game wasn’t particularly exciting tonight, with one non-Green touchdown (albeit, a very weird one) and five Bengals field goals. It was more or less exclusively the A.J. Green show, and he absolutely delivered.

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