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If you were trying to book a wedding next March in Columbus, Ohio, over the last few months โ€” not that anybody we know might have been โ€” one of the primo spots in town was booked for a huge, lavish wedding between former Ohio State Buckeyes and current Green Bay Packers linebacker A.J. Hawk and Laura Quinn, the sister of Notre Dame quarterback Brady Quinn. (Laura is, of course, most famous for her ridiculous half-Irish, half-Buckeye outfit during the Fiesta Bowl last year.) Afterwards, once Hawk's first season in the NFL was over, they were going to honeymoon in Aruba. It was all going to be beautiful.

So why, then, did the couple hasten to shotgun a recital of vows yesterday afternoon in the Green Bay downtown law offices of Liebmann, Conway, Olejniczak & Jerry? Doesn't that seem a bit unusual? No family or friends were there either.

Hmm. Doing some math ... August ... September ... October ... March ... that's about, oh, eight months. Hmm.

Former OSU Linebacker A.J. Hawk Gets Hitched [Dayton Daily News]

(UPDATE: A source closer to this situation than we are โ€” that is to say, a source who occasionally leaves his/her apartment โ€” says it's not a slip-past-the-goalie situation. "it's simply to facilitate a better financial situation by allowing Laura to be insured and have the rest of her education paid for by the NFL when AJ signs his contract."


OK, that makes sense.)