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A Jersey For Very Tiny, Annoying Humans

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Sometimes, we see an eBay auction that we suspect has a little more backstory than we necessarily want to know about.

Apparently, a friend of the Absolutely Not Dead Jaleel White, the creative thespian behind the "Urkel" character that delighted several, perhaps even a dozen, people in the mid-90s, was given an old Clippers jersey with "Urkel" on the back from his pal, and now he's selling it on eBay.

He's making no secret of his connection to the not-dead Urkel: "This is a authentic clippers NBA jersey which belonged to Steve Urkel from the show "Family Matters". It was given to him directly from the Clippers.He is a friend of mine,and he gave it to me because i am a big clippers fan, and now i have decided to sell it. This jersey is authentic and not a fake. If you have any questions Please E-mail me."

Bidding starts at $130 ... and, amazingly, that's where it's stuck right now.

Authentic Clippers NBA Steve Urkel Jersey!!! [eBay]

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