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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
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There is a special moment in the news cycle during which outlets report on things that are not happening, but that maybe could happen, but that also could not not happen because it would be so interesting if they did happen. Do you follow?


Here's Mike Florio over at Pro Football Talk today:

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, the Raiders are not considering Brett Favre, and the possibility of signing him hasn't been discussed.


The title of the post is "Raiders not considering Favre, yet."

"For now," Florio added, by way of wrapping up, "the news is that the name of a future Hall of Famer has yet to make it to the Raiders' list..."

For now, the news is that nothing about this is news.

Here are some other places that Brett Favre is also not going, yet:

1. The Council of Economic Advisors

2. Jenn Sterger's wedding

3. Lollapalooza 2012

4. The New Hampshire primary

5. Afghanistan

6. World Cup 2014 (probably not World Cup 2018, for that matter)

7. The show on CBS that's just like The View, only it's not The View, because it's on CBS


8. To be the home plate umpire during the World Series

9. Yaddo

10. Deadspin's weekly Monday Night Football viewing party at Professor Thom's

11. The Keokuk County 4-H Club

12. The next ESPNW Staff Summit (Sterger is also not going, yet)

13. The 2011 Fleshbot Awards, sponsored by Wrangler

14. To sing the lead in the Metropolitan Opera's new production of Faust

15. The United States Supreme Court

16. Aaron Rodgers's Hall Of Fame induction ceremony in 2035

17. The Pacific Princess cruise that will depart from Ashdod, Israel at 8 p.m. this evening


18. Occupy Hattiesburg

19. The 7th Annual Pow Wow at the Choctaw Casino Resort

20. The Minnesota Vikings

Raiders not considering Favre, yet [PFT]


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