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A Little Trash Talk For Your Tuesday

First, the reasons Kevin Garnett's taunting actions here are a big bowl of wrong: the finger-waving gestures you see in the stills and in the video below are from the movie Bring It On. What? Kevin Garnett is a 15-year-old girl? Also, after all that tongue-wagging and gesturing, Jose Calderon whistled a pass by Garnett's head for an assist. Now, the reasons Garnett's actions were right: Calderon had been taunting him at the other end. And at least all of this shows that Garnett is fully invested emotionally in the Celtics season. That kind of fire don't grow on trees. Oh, the Celtics beat the Raptors, 94-87. Now, final observation: How is there no whistle here? There was less taunting in the mooning-the-English scene from Braveheart. Image: Comcast, via Reds Army.

Garnett + Calderon = Return Of Matty G [Reds Army] Kevin Garnett And Jose Calderon Talking Trash [NESW Sports]


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