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A Look At Harold Reynolds' ESPN Contract

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Nice little update on the Harold Reynolds Vs. ESPN lawsuit: Those sainted souls at The Smoking Gun have dug up an amended version of Reynolds' suit against the network for firing him — a firing they STILL haven't given a reason for. There isn't that much more new in the suit, except that it includes a copy of Reynolds' contract.


That's right: It's an official ESPN contract. Reynolds was expected to make $4.875 million over a six-year deal, and the contract reveals what that entails. Reynolds was required to make three "personal appearances," call 12 on-site games (not counting the Little League World Series) and make a minimum 85 studio appearances. ESPN provides first-class air transportation to all games, and for days Reynolds is in Bristol, he gets a $48 per diem, which will provide for several full meals at Boston Market, even with sides of mashed potatoes.

So, nothing necessarily new in the lawsuit just yet ... but we suspect Deadspin LLP will find lots of fun tidbits in the contract language.


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